Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing

We pride ourselves on an inclusive ethos which puts children’s mental health and wellbeing at the very centre of what we do. Post-pandemic, more children than ever are processing the effect that this event has had and will continue to have on their lives. Because of this, we have tried to weave as much research and practice into our every day school lives as we can to ensure that the children at our school feel supported to do their very best. We believe that bringing out the best in children should include the whole child – the character, personality and skills that build a whole person. Teaching children to look after themselves physically and mentally is a huge part of our PSHCE curriculum and forms the ethos which surrounds out children every day.

What does this look like?

Our children are surrounded by staff who are well-versed in managing calm and creative classrooms. We ensure that positive classroom environments are provided to every child, so that they feel safe and secure in giving things a try in class. We have daily mental health check ins and discuss things that are bothering us. Unconditional positive regard ensures that children feel they can speak openly to any staff member and children are reminded of their safeguarding rights and the right come forward if something in their lives doesn’t feel right.